How to Add Project Management to Resume?

project management resume

If you’re interested in adding project management to your resume, you’ve come to the right place. This field generally has several quantifiable responsibilities, so you’re likely already comfortable measuring results. However, there are some tips for formatting the Work experience section. First, make sure it has easy-to-scan section headings. You can also use bullet points to emphasize important accomplishments and quantifiable metrics to emphasize your achievements.

Work experience section

In your professional life, you have likely worked on several projects. Highlighting your experience as a project manager can give you an edge over other applicants. Project management focuses on coordination and bringing products to market. Be specific about your responsibilities and what they entailed, including budgets and timelines. Include contact information for vendors. List any awards you received, including those for best customer service or product quality. Your objective should highlight your strengths, skills, and goals.

Bullet points

There are many ways to include project management on your resume. For example, you might include the fact that you helped develop a training manual that enabled trainees to effectively use an IT asset management system. Alternatively, you might note that you developed a program to optimize the company’s IT assets that saved over $100K. Experts agree that quantifying your accomplishments is a key element for a resume.

Quantifiable metrics

When showcasing project management skills on a resume, use quantifiable metrics to impress hiring managers. Measurements of project success should be transparent and easy to measure. It is also useful to discuss specific results, such as the number of customer complaints or negative reviews the project received. Here are a few examples of quantifiable metrics you can include in your resume:

Easy-to-scan section headings

Project management resume should start with an informative summary of your experience and your certifications. Include examples of your work to demonstrate the technical skills you possess. Mention project management software or methodologies. You should also mention your professional development and goals. A summary is just one page and a resume should have more than one heading. Make the summary interesting to read and easy to scan. Here are some tips for writing a successful project management resume:

Communication and interpersonal skills

When adding project management to your resume, make sure to include a skill-set that demonstrates your communication and interpersonal skills. For example, if you worked as a writer for a website, you can mention that you wrote advertising campaigns that increased traffic by nearly 45 percent. Or, if you worked as a project manager for a nonprofit, you can show how you present budgets through 10 weekly meetings with the Board of Directors.

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